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It is our firmly held viewpoint that wine is meant to connect people: to a vineyard block, to a growing season, to a winemaker, and most importantly to each other.

We look at life as a cycle – as you bring your energy into the Tarpon Cellars community we then share your support to the organizations listed below.

Ultimately, we see our “work” as nurturing and celebrating common threads —between people and place, wine, farmers, and enthusiasts, musicians, artists, causes we believe in, and the communities that support us all.

As we grow & connect with different communities throughout various neighborhoods we have come to find that there are many organizations advocating for causes we are thrilled to support. As the list grows we are excited to announce that we are giving back in as many ways as we can. Our goal is to not only create wines of unsurpassed quality, but we want our consumers and members to know that they are contributing to a force for greater good as well.

Oyster South

Oyster South is a non-profit organization that connects communities and provides resources to foster the success of oyster farming in the southern United States.

Photo: Jeremy Carter & Cainnon Gregg (Founder of Pelican Oyster Company)

1% of every American Beauty Gewurztraminer bottle purchased goes back to Oyster South. Visit Oyster South

Newport Festivals Foundation

The Newport Festivals Foundation believes every person deserves access to music education, regardless of socioeconomic status. Their vision aims to foster the legacy and expand the impact of their festivals by supporting artists and music education programs year-round, across the country.


1% of every purchase within The Cambaro Series bottles goes back to The Newport Festivals Foundation. Visit Newport Festivals Foundation

Charleston Waterkeeper

Charleston Waterkeeper is a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 to protect and restore Charleston’s waterways for you and for future generations. We do that through an effective mix of boots-on-the-water stewardship and data-driven advocacy designed to protect your right to clean water for fishing and swimming. Simply put, we are watchdogs, stewards, and defenders for clean water.


1% of every bottle purchased goes back to Charleston Waterkeeper. Visit Charleston Waterkeeper

Georgia’s Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

The mission of the Georgia Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is to cure cystic fibrosis and to provide all people with the disease the opportunity to lead full, productive lives by funding research and drug development, promoting individualized treatment, and ensuring access to high-quality, specialized care.

1% of every purchase within The Tarpon Series bottles goes back to Georgia’s Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Visit Georgia’s Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Kyle Pease Foundation

The Kyle Pease Foundation improves the lives of people with disabilities through sports. Their vision is to create opportunities of inclusion for every person with a disability.

1% of every Rebirth Zinfandel bottle purchased goes back to The Kyle Pease Foundation. Visit Kyle Pease Foundation

Lift Collective

Lift Collective is a community-centered, multi-channel platform advocating equity and inclusion in the wine industry. Through annual programming, proprietary research, community partnerships, and monetary scholarships, Lift Collective collaborates with experts and key opinion leaders across the beverage category to put forward relevant and credible industry content that leads with and celebrates diverse perspectives.

Photo: Jeremy Carter & Rania Zayyat (Founder of Lift Collective)

$2 of every bottle sold in Texas goes back to Lift Collective. Visit Lift Collective
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